#AtoZchallenge – O is for overnight oats

Using gluten free porridge oats you can make these yummy overnight oats. This version is made with strawberry yoghurt and skimmed milk and topped with mango and banana

Using gluten free porridge oats you can make these yummy overnight oats. This version is made with strawberry yoghurt and skimmed milk and topped with mango and banana

Like fashion there are trends in the food world too. Apart from there being a huge baking revolution taking place here in the UK, across the world people seem to be incorporating elements of the latest health craze into their diets. One of these crazes is eating food without cooking it and another craze is eating just natural foods – meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and avoiding foods high is carbohydrates and processed foods. For people on a gluten free diet the second diet is not a craze, but a way of life.

Everyone should have a healthy balanced diet and we should be eating a variety of food groups and making meals that are interesting and exciting. If we don’t do this we end up eating the same thing and food no longer is fun and interesting, but boring and chore like.

One of the advantages of these new diet and food crazes is that it provides inspiration and ideas. Having taught myself to make food interesting again after having to change my diet I am always on the look out for a new recipe to try or modify.

Overnight oats is one of those recipes. I love a bowl of warm porridge on a cold winters morning, but that same bowl can become a chore to eat. A friend of mine said why don’t you try overnight oats. Having never really heard of them I asked her what to do. She gave me a simple recipe and promised me that I would enjoy it. I did! Having tried tried making it with flavoured yoghurt and natural I prefer the flavoured one because it’s more exciting to eat. The one made with natural yoghurt is too sour for me and  pulled a face as I forced each mouthful down.

Why don’t you shake up your breakfasts with this simple overnight oats recipe.

Serves 1

1/2 cup gluten free porridge oats
1/2 cup milk – I used skimmed because it is what I have
1 small pot of fruit flavoured yoghurt – I used strawberry. I find the berry flavours give you the best flavours.

Suggested fruit toppings:
Peaches – fresh or tinned

1. Put your oats into a bowl with the yoghurt and milk and then mix together. Cover and put into the fridge so that the oats can absorb the liquid overnight.

2. In the morning remove from the fridge and cut up a selection of your favourite fruit and sprinkle on top and then you are ready to eat.

Happy gluten free cooking 🙂


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