My inspiration to cook and bake – Grandma

My Grandma's cook books and her kitchen bibles that have tried and tested recipes

My Grandma’s cook books and her kitchen bibles that have tried and tested recipes

If you ask almost anyone in the food world who inspired them to cook and who got them cooking I bet you they will say their Grandma. Cliche or not, it was my Grandma  and my mum who got me interested in food and baking.

Earlier this year my Grandma died, which was for me incredibly sad. I went to visit her in hospital just before she died, and before I left, I felt it right to say  to my goodbyes to her. It was one of those moments that you cannot be prepared for and I just did not know what to say. Of course I found myself saying the obvious ‘I love you’, I did also find myself thanking her for all her patience in the kitchen and for teaching me the greatest skill that I poses, baking and cooking.

Grandma and I used to have lots of fun in the kitchen when I was little and I will always remember her lessons in the kitchen. Jam tarts were a family favourite as a child and I looked forward to making them each time we went. Grandma was always more than happy to let me lose in the kitchen with reason of course.

Flour used to end up all over me and quite often all over the floor. But part of the joys of cooking and baking is getting a little bit messy and then watching ingredients turn into a delicious tea time treat or pudding after dinner. I loved watching the smiles on people’s faces appear when they take that first bite into the homemade baked goods.

Some of my most prize possessions that I now own in my growing library of cook books and now among them is my Grandma’s cook books. There is an A4 book which is full of wonderful recipes from savory to sweet and her card tin that contains a lot of chutney recipes, but also a lot of pastry recipes. Two of the books that I also inherited was a European cook book that contains lots of really interesting recipes from Germany to Bulgaria. Finally something that I was surprised to find in the collection was a Stork book. In it Grandma has marked pages of things that she has tried and where she has made adjustments.

So, the future of Grandmas cook books, well I already have my own scrap cook book. It is full of recipes that I have found in magazines and ones that I have made up and have worked, as well as lots of recipes from magazines such as Weight Watcher ones… yes I am serial Weight Watcher! They provide some good inspiration and I have them there so that I can try them and make my own adjustments and many of them are very good.

Back to Grandma’s books – Over the next year I intend to make a lot of them and put my own twist on them and make them gluten-free. There are some fabulous cakes in there and several pastries that I want to try out. I think many of them can be brought up-to-date as many I know are from the to 70’s. Who knows, I might be able to tempt you all into making some sort of rabbit shaped meatloaf!

Grandparents are responsible for inspiring a generation, I hope that I get to inspire the next with my gluten-free ideas.

Who ever inspired you to bake or cook, always be thankful that they got you into the kitchen and gave you passion to just be creative.


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