Race for Life – a personal challenge

Myself and friend Sam at last years Race for Life in Sheffield - 39 minutes was our time.

Myself and friend Sam at last years Race for Life in Sheffield – 39 minutes was our time.

A little bit of self publicity I am sure has never done anyone any harm, especially if it’s for a great cause.

This year my friend Sam and I and hopefully joined by another friend, Ali, will run Race for Life in Sheffield. It’s a personal challenge for me for many reason – I am not a natural born runner and most certainly not physically built for running and I want to make a difference.

Why do I want to make a difference? Well 24 years ago my Aunty died from cancer. I was 5 -years-old and never got to know her. She was my age – 29. I have memories of her, but as I have gotten older I have realised that I have never had the chance to share secrets, shopping trips and anything else that others get to share with their Aunties and Uncles. She never got to see me or my sister grow up.

Science is an incredible thing and everyday breakthroughs are being made. I just hope that one comes through for cancer. It will one day, I just know it. I want cures and treatments to continue to be researched and I want others to know their Aunties and Uncles. It’s a very precious relationship and I want others to know what it’s like.

Training for this years race has gone much smoother for several reasons – I know what the distance feels like, I am fitter and the weather has been much better. I have to thank my Dad for coming with me on several of my runs. Being a military man his fitness at 5o something is awesome, but he is patient with my slow pace and encourages me, even when I want to stop.

If you can give even just 50p, you will be helping to change the life of not just one person but all the people around them.

A massive thank you and if you are running Race for Life – good luck.

Sam xx

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