Day 10: Education in Spain

Jordi and Magda Giner – Jordi is a lecturer at Valencia University and Magda teaches Valenciano in one of the local secondary schools on the Costa Blanca

Children in Spain start their education at the age of three. At this early age they are taught the building blocks of reading and writing before they move to primary school a couple of years later.

Schools typically split their days in two. The morning session starts at 8:30am until 1:00pm, followed by an afternoon session from 3:00pm until 5:00pm.

In this part of Spain families have the choice of putting their children into the ‘Spanish’ or ‘Castilian’ stream or the ‘Valenciano’ option, the difference being the language in which the subjects are taught.
Valenciano is the primary language spoken on the Costa Blanca, with many families north of Alicante speaking more Valenciano than Spanish. British children who are educated in Spanish schools typically learn to speak both languages, how much depends upon which stream of education they are put into.
Magda is a Valenciano teacher on the Costa Blanca. She talked to me about schooling here on the coast and some of the differences between Spanish and British education.

You can Listen to my interview with Magda below.SPANISH EDUCATION by samanthapidoux


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