Day 4: Taking at look at owning a business on the Costa Blanca

John Knight started up his own business in 1966 and today is still a leading insurance broker for British people in Spain.

Many British people have not just come over to Spain to retire, but many came to the Costa’s in the building boom in the early 90’s. They could find work easily and the cost of living was much cheaper than it was in the UK.

For some, in recent years they have struggled to find work and as a result have had to cut their losses and move back to the UK. But there are still many British people still moving to Spain for work, and many still have successful businesses, even if they are scaled back version of what they used to be.

John Knight owns Knight Insurance, an insurance broker, on the Costa Blanca. He originally set up his business in the south of Spain in Fuengirola, Malaga in the 60’s. Over the years he moved and expanded his business up and down the coast as more and more expatriates arrived to live and work in Spain. In recent years he has scaled back the business, but still owns three offices on the coast.

John moved to Spain in his teens and after living in Madrid for a month he learnt the language, an experience that he finds invaluable today. Being able to communicate and understand the culture here in Spain has benefitted him. John’s advice that for anyone who wants to set up a business in Spain is that they should understand the culture and speak the language, it makes life much easier.

To listen to the full interview click below:

JOHN KNIGHT by samanthapidoux

Some top tips for anyone who wants to set up a business in Spain:

1. Learn the language and understand the culture

2. Make sure you have enough to fall back on – don’t commit everything you have.


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